Around the USS Ramsey

Photos of Here and There Around the Ship

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Ramsey photo Photo from USS Ramsey Christmas card 1968
USS Ramsey post card Photo from USS Ramsey post card, date and location unknown.
USS Ramsey painting Painting of the USS Ramsey, artist unknown.
Ship control center Ship control center on the Bridge.
2nd Division Berthing compartment This is what happens to the berthing compartment after numerous calls to General Quarters over several days.
a middle rack Having a middle rack is quite convenient.
5" gun firing One 5".38 round on the way
Tartar missile TARTAR missle ready to rock 'n roll. A military secret at the time, this photo was taken 7 Jul 68 in the Tonkin Gulf.
Tartar missile One TSAM (Training Surface to Air Missile) on the rail. Live Tartar missiles were painted white, the training and system calibration dummy was blue.
Tartar missile firing TARTAR missle launch taken 22 Jun 68. Out of all the crewmembers taking photos that day with expensive 35mm cameras, I was the only one who got a good shot with a crummy Polaroid.
ASROC launcher ASROC launcher just forward of the weather break. Another military secret that should not have been photographed. Photo taken 29 Jun 68.
Ramsey mast/stack Ramsey mast/stack combination, called a "mack". The AN/SPG-51 missile guidance radar is in the foreground pointed straight up.
Port side Looking aft down the port side during heavy weather.
Port side Looking forward up the port side during heavy weather.
starboard side SF1 Czarnick watching the ocean from the starboard side.
Helo hangar Music in the helo hanger... and one sick puppy.
Sonar dome Sonar dome from the bottom of the drydock.
Evening at sea Quiet evening at sea
Sunset astern Who among us hasn't taken a picture of a sunset over the stern? To a Westpac sailor it means one thing... Eastbound... Headed home.
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