Liberty Call 2004

Biloxi, MS

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Bob Greene, Jim & Christine Henery & Frank Young

Larry & Marcia Higgins, Kathy Alsip, Carol & Bobby Jones

In Memory Table

2nd Reunion Cake
Pastry chef was drinking the cooking Brandy when he did the picture of the ship!! Association president Nick Priviti says it looks more like a special river patrol boat he served on.

RAMSEY Crew @ 2nd Reunion
Front, sitting left to right: Royce McClung (wp 4,5), Richard Mock (wp 3), Jim Henry (wp 1), Nick Previti (wp 1), Jim Robertson (wp 3), Larry Higgins ( wp 1), Frank Young (wp 1), Robert Greene (wp 1), Dennis Ditsch (wp 1). Standing, left to right: Charlie Roth (wp 3,4,5), Daniel "Jim" King (wp 1), Ed Laidlaw (wp 1), Jim Sheehy (pre-com), Bobby Jones (wp 1), Richard "Dick" Ong (wp 1,2), Paul Swenson (wp 1,2), Ed "Ned" Smith (wp 1,2), Larry Alsip (wp 1), Robert Bradsher (pre-com). Missing: Richard Kluber

RAMSEY Crew @ 2nd Reunion
O.K., let's do it again. Uh, Jim, look up and say "cheese"

RAMSEY Crew @ 2nd Reunion being photographed

Search and find team

Richard Mock master at arms

Jim Robertson

Nick Previti

Larry Higgins (wp 1) looks on while Executive Officer Jim Robertson (wp 3) reads his "Years Gone By" poem.

Ed & Lee Laidlaw

In Memory Table

Nick & Jim conducting 2 Bell Cermoney

Jim passes out roses to the RAMSEY women

Ed Laidlaw Dick Ong & Paul Swenson

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