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USS Ramsey Shipmates
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Almer, George MR1   Died in 1974, circumstances unknown
Beime Ill, Mathew J. ST2   Of Warwick, R.I. died October 29, 1999, circumstances unknown.
Berg, Lloyd A. RD2   Died in 1974, circumstances unknown
Berndson, Dean F. BM3 photo here Of Olympia, Wa., died October 20, 2001, of spine and lung Cancer. Survived by wife Bonita and three daughters. Contact information is available.
Blew, Douglas Ens./LT(jg) photo here Of Santa Maria, Ca. died April 19, 2004 of cancer. No surviving family.
Burk, Leonal R. ICC   Of Norfolk, Virginia, died Feb. 18, 1995.
Caron, Jean Paul PN1   Died in 1998, circumstances unknown.
Charette, Walter RMC photo here Date and Circumstances unknown.
Galica, Thomas Joseph BT1   Of Oshkosk, Wisconsin. Died in January of 1995. Circumstances unknown.
Gonyeau, Robert J. MM2 photo here Of St Albins, Vermont, died of a heart attack in the spring of 1994. Survived by his wife Theresa who wishes to remain in contact with his shipmates. RR6 Box 6116, Milton, Vermont 05468 802-524-6405
Knoblock, Robert DP2   Of Port St. Lucie, FL. Was reported to have died in 1999, circumstances unknown.
Koshetz, Charlie S. STG3 photo here Died of a sudden heart attack on 19 April 1986. Survived by his wife Rae Downes Koshetz and his two daughters, Elizabeth & Katherine. 760 Rugby Road, Brooklyn, New York 11230
Kurek, Michael RM   Of N. Smithfield, Rhode Island died of heart failure on November 3, 2002
Leaver, John Murray CDR photo here Third commanding Officer of Ramsey; died in a helicopter crash aboard the USS PROVIDENCE (CLG-6) in the Tonkin Gulf on 8 May 1972.
Miller, John BT3 photo here Date and circumstances unknown.
Miller, Stephen STG3   Date and circumstances unknown.
Mills, Robert T. GMG-2   Killed 1972 aboard USS Benjamin J. Stoddert (DDG-22) in a gun mount explosion.
Nippins, John MM1   December 15, 2005 circumstances currently unknown
Plankowner, WestPac 1 and half of WestPac 2. John is Survived by his wife Jacqueline, and brother Fred, also a Ramsey Plankowner.
Oakley, W. H. YN2   Of Richmond, California; died in 1997 of unknown causes.
Osina, Larry SN   Died of natural causes on 19 April, 1977. Larry is survived by his brother John Osina, also of the Ramsey
Pearson, Herbert D. SHC photo here Of Lebanon, Missouri, died suddenly on March 3, 2002.
Penso, George "Tony" STG3 photo here Died in 1993, survived by his wife, Cathryne Penso, his son, and daughter. Mrs Penso would enjoy communicating with those that served with Tony. 22 Dean Place, Larchmont, New York, 10538-3416 914-834-0086 Pensmom@aol.com
Recca, Sal "Sonny" RD3 photo here Of Honolulu, Hawaii. Died of cancer, date currently unknown.
Reed, Robert ENS/LTjg photo here Robert Reed served on both WestPacs 1 and 2.
He died on August 9, 2004 after a 10 year battle with head and neck cancer. He is survived by his wife Ginger, three children, and two grandchildren.

Root, James G. _   Of Manley, Ne. died in 2002 of unknown causes.
Rowe, Robert A. CAPT photo here Commodore (DESRON29). Died on 3 June, 1993 after a long battle with cancer. He is survived by his son Lawrence A Rowe of Berekely CA. Contact information is available.
Schoonover, Herbert L. BTC   Of Yachats, Oregon. Died on 15 march, 1999, following surgery for pancreatic cancer. He is survived by his wife, contact information is available.
Sweet, Rick _   Reportedly deceased of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident (71/72)
Tullos, Billy Joe BTC photo here Of Sandpoint, Idaho, died of a heart attack on December 3, 1995. Survived by his daughter, contact information is available.
Van Horn, Gerald J. LTJG photo here Died in May, 1988, circumstances unknown. USNA Class of 1965
Wegner, Bruce Eugene FTM2   Died in 1995. Survived by his son, Bruce E. Wagner Jr. Contact information is available.
Wolnik, Richard 'Rick' J. FT1   Drowned in May, 2003. Buried in Mandeville Cemetery, Mandeville, LA
Worth, Michael BM3   Date and circumstances unknown.
Wryick, David H. LT photo here Engineering Officer. Killed by hostile enemy artillery, rocket, or mortar fire on 18 March, 1968 in Dinh Tuong South Vietnam. Lt Wyrick was assigned to river patrol duty at the time of his death.
Yosting, Steve

aka Daskam, Steve

(79 - 85)   Died on Memorial day 1999 of leukemia. Survived by his wife Meg