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Our Mission
The mission of the U.S.S. Ramsey Association is to give Ramsey shipmates, past and future, a chance to renew old friendships, rekindle the cameraderie we enjoyed in our day, and to provide a platform to promote periodic reunions.

This website commissioned 5 April 2004, latest refit 11 Jan 2006

Message From the USS Ramsey Association Commander

Nick Previti

Nick Previti
Commander and Supply Officer, USS Ramsey Association
Plank Owner, Westpac 1 Sailor
"Second to None"

Ahoy Shipmates and Guests,

Just wanted to let you know what is going on with the U.S.S. Ramsey Officers and Crew.
Over the last 10 years a few of us have been searching for those of you who served on the "Rammer". As of today I am proud to report that we have located over 300 of the crew. We have also learned that 32 of our shipmates have passed away.
In October 2002 we formed the USS Ramsey Association with a Constitution and By-Laws. We had 103 shipmates join in 2003 and 114 in 2004. We published a newsletter every other month called "Fore & Aft" which is the Official Ramsey newsletter. In it were articles from shipmates, old sea stories, and talk about the upcoming reunions.We have also started a history book with some old pictures that where taken in the 60's, 70's, and 80's.
From September 26 to the 29, 2003 we held our first reunion at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada with 52 shipmates and 38 guests showing up. From September 9 to the 13th, 2004 we held our second reunion at the Imperial Palace in Biloxi, Ms. with 20 shipmates and 8 guests. At both reunions we had a great time remembering old sea stories and making new shipmate friends.

The main reason we built this web site is to help us locate shipmates we have not found as of this time. We have formed a Search and Find team, with 4 Team leaders, that have and are volunteering there time to do this work. We need your help and support. If you would go to the Adrift list on this web site and go thru the names and if you know of any information that is not listed please contact one of the following Team Leaders:
Every bit of information including a wife's name or middle initial may be just the information we need to find a "Drifty Rammer Shipmate".
Frank Young at "" Brackney, Pa.
Dennis Ditsch at "" Leavenworth, Ks.
Jim Henry at "" Hamburg, N.Y.
Robert Greene at "" Knoxville, Tn.
Please put in the subject box in your emails the following or your mail may not be opened: " Ramsey adrift info"
If you are a shipmate and your name is listed on the Adrift list PLEASE contact us so that we may remove you from the adrift list and add you to the Muster List.
You do not have to be a Association member to be on the Muster list.
Please check in on our web site for updates and more information.
Our next reunion in 2005 will be held in Niagara Falls, N.Y. some time in September. You do not have to be a member to join in on the festivities and meals, but you cannot attended the Ramsey Association meeting with out a paid up membership card.
More information will be posted here on the web site as it becomes available.
Last but not least I would like to thank all my Officers and members of the Association for their continued support and growth of this organization. I was honored to become the first Commander when the elections where held in 2003.
Please keep in mind that at the 2005 reunion, there will be the election of Officers according to our Constitution and By-Laws. Lets look forward to Niagara Falls and having the largest reunion we have ever had.
Stay safe and healthy
Comdr.Nick Previti
USS Ramsey Assoc. "Second to None"

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